Trail Conditions

Trail Conditions

March 27, 2024: Over the last four days we got over a foot of new snow. The parking area at the trailhead was plowed. We requested that the Brule Forest staff groom the trails but no action has been taken at this time.


February 10, 2024: We got about a half inch of snow last night and weather conditions cooled to below freezing all day, but we need a significant snow fall to once again begin grooming the trails.


February 4, 2024: Unprecedented conditions continue with daily highs in the mid to upper 30’s and lows in the teens today but forecasted high around 40. No snow has fallen since the mid-January storm. The trail base is still intact but the majority of snow is gone in open areas and snow cover is reduced to wooded areas. The next week’s weather forecast is just a little warmer with some highs in the 40’s.


January 15, 2024: the trails have been rolled and groomed but we only have about six inches of snow on the ground. Trails are uneven due to the lack of snow depth. Using the your rock skis is suggested.


December 30, 2023: We haven’t seen conditions like this in recent memory. Usually, we are skiing during the early part of December with some opportunities in November, but the last time like this may have been in the early 2000’s when we didn’t have snow on the ground, enough for skiing during the last week of December. We have freezing drizzle now with a chance for some snow tonight, but only a little is forecast.


November 10, 2023-Matt Leischer from DNR and volunteers Jon Thralow and Jon Jurek have been working diligently on increasing our bike trails this fall. Areas that they have worked on include trails both north and south of six corners and extending down to the Brule River in between the White Pine trails. I expect that once we have colder weather and things freeze up you should expect these trails to be groomed for winter biking beginning at the parking lot where snow shoeing is also happening.


Ski club members and volunteers joined together on the White Pine trail in mid-October to open up a new vista overlooking the Brule River where White Pine trail users will enjoy the open waters except during the coldest times. The location is a natural place for skiers to stop and rest before the long climb back up to six corners.